A Little History:
Like a rare species, the traditional Thai Teak Home has been disappearing from the streets of Bangkok to be replaced by concrete houses and apartment buildings. Baan Thai has remained a well-kept secret, hidden away down a quiet side street off Sukhumvit Road it remains an oasis of calm, emanating history that has slowly evolved since it was built by one of King Rama IV’s grandsons, M.R. Bongsebrahama well over 60 years ago. Originally constructed a traditional Thai teak house for his family, it was designed in a luxurious style by M.R. Bongsebrahama himself and has remained in the family ever since, with each generation of the family lovingly restoring and adding to the original house. Starting with his daughters, M.L. Sombhongvdee Wikitseth, M.L. Sudavadee Kriangkarai and more recently his grand children. In 1965 Baan Thai opened as a restaurant serving fine cuisine with traditional Thai dance performances with guests such as royalty from Sweden, Denmark and Japan as well as Jackie Kennedy, Tiger Woods and many other celebrities.

The latest chapter in the story of Baan Thai is the renovation of all of the original buildings plus the addition of several teak wood houses from Ayudhya, the ancient capital of Siam, to form this luxurious culturally retreat – The Baan Thai Wellness Retreat. Re-furbished with sensitivity, the house are now equipped with modern luxuries such as delightful bathrooms (some even with their own private spa therapy rooms), and air-conditioning, yet each room retains the traditional Thai ambiance often lost in contemporary design. Beautifully appointed living rooms and bedrooms are decorate with teak wood furniture and Thai silks in keeping with the traditional surroundings. Other welcome modern additions to this serene setting are the private and shared swimming pools set amongst the tropical gardens, and the eight therapy room spa, designed to maximize the most of the architectural elements of the traditional houses, while being flexible enough to be able to offer the very best of Thai and other Asian holistic, pampering and diagnostic therapies.

Outside of this quite compound, many things have changed - with the appearance of shopping malls, high rise apartments, mass transit systems and other modern infrastructure. Situated between Thonglor BTS station and Phromphong BTS station which is also adjacent to the Emporium shopping complex and the national park Benjasiri, yet the traditional and culture of Thailand lives on in this is peaceful oasis.

An Oasis in the Heart of Bangkok:

A true oasis in the heart of Bangkok where you can experience the very best that Thailand has to offer – from hospitality to spa therapies and holistic health while surrounded by historic Thai teak architecture.

The Baan (pronounced ‘barn’) Thai Wellness Retreat consists of five separate genuine Thai teak homes some dating back over three quarters of a century, loving restored and refurbished to show-case a way of life the few have ever been able to experience, form the basis of this luxurious wellness retreat, by renown cultural interior design expert ML Sudavadee Kriangkrai. Of the 21 rooms and suites available, in seven of these you can experience a spa therapy without having to leave the comfort of your room!

Two more traditional teak homes have been redesigned to accommodate the spa where you can experience a wide range of authentic Thai and other pampering, therapeutic or detoxifying treatments and therapies that will leave you revitalized and ready to face the world again.

Each of our guests’ rooms and suites affords its own unique qualities and charm while retaining the cultural integrity of the property. Some of the decorative features date back over 200 years, but while most are more recent, all are genuine and aged only by time.

Thai culture may be a mystery to many but a stay at The Baan Thai Wellness Retreat, even if only brief will give you an insight into this amazing kingdom.

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